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While Loops

While loops are designed to do something until a certain condition evaluates to false. This means, that a while loop could also run infinitely when the condition never gets fulfilled.
Like the if statement, the condition of the while loop must evaluate to a boolean value, but can hold complex, nested expressions.


Here is an example of a simple while loop:

int counter = 0;
while counter < 20 {
    printf("Loop run %d", counter);

Optional parentheses

As with the if statement, for loop and foreach loop, the parentheses around the head of the while loop are optional.

If you wanted to intentionally achieve an endless loop, you would write something like this:

while true {
    printf("This is gonna run forever ...");

Usage of loop alternatives

If you somehow know how many times you want to execute something, we recommend you to use a for loop instead. If you want to iterate over a container of items, consider using the foreach loop.