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Number formats

Spice supports four different number formats to cover as many use-cases as possible.

Decimal format (base 10)

Decimal numbers can be written in two ways in Spice. The implicit way:

int i32 = 123;
short i16 = 123s;
long i64 = 123l;

or the explicit way:

int i32 = 0d123;
short i16 = 0d123s;
long i64 = 0d123l;

Binary format (base 2)

int i32 = 0b1010;
short i16 = 0b1010s;
long i64 = 0b1010l;

Hexadecimal format (base 16)

int i32 = 0xA76E;
short i16 = 0xA76Es;
long i64 = 0xA76El;

Octal format (base 8)

int i32 = 0o1274;
short i16 = 0o1274s;
long i64 = 0o1274l;