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Install on Windows

Install via winget cli

Spice gets distributed for Windows via the new Windows package manager called winget.
In the future, winget will be available for download in the Microsoft Store. Currently, the easiest way to install winget is to download it manually from GitHub. Visit the installation instructions from Microsoft.

As soon as the Windows package manager is installed on your Windows machine, you can open up powershell and execute the following installation command:

winget install ChilliBits.Spice
After installing Spice, you should be able to run it. If not, please restart your powershell instance to make it reload the available commands.

Install manually via installer

Download 64bit

It is possible that you see an error notification by your anti-virus software complaining about Spice being a potentially dangerous application. This can happen if the latest version was released very recently and too few people downloaded it yet. If you want to validate the file signature, you can visit this GitHub repo, select your version and open the file ChilliBits.Spice.installer.yaml. There you can find the SHA256 signatures for the x64 exe installer.


spice [options] <input>