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Spice is a community-driven project. This means that we are open for feature requests or suggestions for improvement. Apart from that, feel free to fork this project and send us some code contributions via pull request.

In every case please read the Code of Conduct before contributing.

Security issues

Please do not open issues regrading security on GitHub! Please read our Security Policy and contact us via non-public ways, e.g. per mail:

Feature request and bugs

If you want to contribute by reporting a bug (except a security issue) or you want to send in a feature request, please navigate to the issues section. Issues that are easy to work on and appropriate for beginners are marked as 'good first issue'. Feel free to claim one of those issues by commenting that you want to do so. After we assign you to the issue, you can start working on the problem / feature request. Please open a pull request when you're done with the work and please only work on one issue at once.